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We experienced an unprecedented air transportation involving 65 pets, a situation typically reserved for emergency scenarios like hurricane rescues. A retired Delta pilot, who once flew the DC-3 aircraft, famously known for its role in landing in France on D-Day, generously volunteered. He safely transported all our animals to our partnering rescue in Minnesota. This exceptional occurrence was both a first-time event and a tremendous success.

a special day in HASRA’S life

This is the same model plane that dropped paratroopers in France on D- Day. 1938 DC 3

Van and Plane

The HASRA Peacocks

The peacocks residing at our neighbors, Killen Time, have seamlessly integrated into our daily lives at HASRA. Consisting of two striking males and two elegant females, these magnificent birds have not only adorned our surroundings but also enriched our lives with so much joy! Witnessing two successive generations of adorable offspring, lovingly nurtured by their attentive mothers, has been a heartwarming experience. As the young ones grow to the size reminiscent of baby chickens, they’re introduced to us by their vigilant mothers. Approaching us fearlessly, their trust is a testament to the bond we share. Through several daily feedings and interactions, we’ve woven an inseparable connection, making them a cherished part of the extended HASRA family.

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