Why we do what we do.

These are dogs that otherwise would have been put down or abandoned if HASRA had not stepped in. Because these dogs have a story to tell, we let them continue to speak.


Beatrice and Byron

Beatrice is one of our beloved dogs who is blind. Beatrice recently had eye removal surgery due to increased swelling her in eyes. The surgery was successful, and Beatrice only had one eye removed. She is doing much better, and we can tell she feels better too! This story goes to show how any donation benefits our dogs with medical issues. Beatrice has a companion dog named Byron who helps her get around. The two are always together and love playing with each other. They are both the sweetest and loving dogs you could ask for. Beatrice and Byron have found their furever home together! Beatrice (left), Byron (right)


Our precious Memory has an amazing story. While Memory was pregnant, she was attacked by a larger dog. Her injuries resulted in a punctured lung, a shattered jaw, a dislocated leg, and a deep gash in her leg. Her lung collapsed, causing trouble breathing. She went into labor but sadly, none of her puppies survived. After her surgeries and a long recovery time, sweet Memory is doing great. She is a happy and healthy pup now. She loves getting treats and being rubbed! We are so glad Memory made a full recovery!


Jackson was only at HASRA for a couple of months. He came to us after living on the streets for several years and was in bad shape. He had a severe heartworm infection along with other health issues. Because of the severity of his condition, the best solution was to keep him happy and comfortable until it was his time to go. One of our lovely friends gave him a foster home to live out his last days in comfort and peace. He loved getting spoiled by her and we are so thankful she opened her home up to get this fur baby comfortable. We know Jackson appreciated it too.


Shiloh and her seven puppies took an entire day to catch because she was feral. Shiloh took her puppies into a drain pipe where we could not get to them. We snaked a tube down and eventually got all of the puppies out. All of the puppies were sent to loving homes very quickly.

This rescue took place amidst an oncoming rain storm and we were not able to get Shiloh out at first. A week later, someone brought Shiloh to HASRA. She was afraid of people and would not let anyone touch her. Later on, she became more comfortable around people. Our great friends in Minnesota drove sixteen hours to Alabama to pick up Shiloh because we feared her social progress would be lost if we put her on a transport. On their way to Alabama, we called to see if they would take Hudson, Shiloh’s best friend, as it might make the transition easier for her. They ended up adopting both Shiloh and Hudson. We are so thankful for our adopters who gave these two sweet pups a great home.


Luca’s family was moving to a new city in January. When moving their belongings out of their home, Luca’s parents decided to take Luca to a friend’s house to stay until everything was moved. While vacationing at a friend’s, Luca made a grand escape as soon as the door was left open. He ran away in search of his parents and found himself at HASRA. He enjoyed playing with his new friends. His parents finally found Luca at HASRA in March, and he was so happy to be reunited with them. Now, Luca enjoys long naps on the couch and walks with his family.


These are the before and after pictures of our baby Paisley. Paisley came to us with a severe skin condition. After treating her daily by rubbing her with coconut oil and Zymox conditioner, Paisley made a complete turnaround. Looking at her now, you would never know her past. We love sweet Paisley and we’re so glad we could help her get better! Look at how beautiful she is!


Augustus had the worst case of mange anyone, including our vet and animal control, had ever seen. The crust on his neck and back was close to 1.5 inches thick. After he was rid of the crust, his skin was thin, similar to a burn patient. It took several weeks and lots of love (and medications) to get him healed.

Augustus has a furever home now and is all better!

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